Dashboard for ACL Reconstruction Testing (DART)

Developed by the School of Data Science and the
Department of Kinesiology at the University of Virginia

The Dashboard

How to Use the Dashboard

Patient Data

Users can enter their patient data into this form. Data will not be stored by the dashboard site or the site administrators.

Clinician Snapshot

Users can compare the data entered in the Patient Data tab to values from a large sample of patients of similar age, sex and graft source. A detailed report can be printed for the patient.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

The clinician dashboard provides a visual comparison of your patient’s data to a large dataset from our multi-site collaboration. You can use the menu options to refine your comparison based on patient age, sex, time since surgery, and ACLR graft source.

Contributors to this Project

University of VirginiaConnecticut Children’s HospitalUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michigan State UniversityScottish Rite for ChildrenCreighton University
Florida International UniversityNicklaus Children’s HospitalInova Health

To learn more about our partners, check out the collaborators page and if you are interested in becoming a partner,
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